Supervised Autonomous Mining & Construction Equipment

Teleo converts your existing fleet into teleoperated autonomous robots. Operators control multiple machines from a remote desk, instantly switching between machines and across job sites.

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Teleo Advantage

Increased Operator Productivity

Operators can instantly switch between machines and across job sites increasing their productivity.

Enhanced Crew Safety

Operators no longer sit in the cabin but in an office. Advanced technology on the equipment makes it safer for ground crew.

Advanced Jobsite Insights

See the world through the eyes of the operator, in real-time or after the fact, documenting jobsite progress.

How it Works

Retrofit Existing Equipment

We retrofit existing heavy equipment with a box that enables control of the equipment through teleoperations

High Speed Internet

We bring high-speed internet connection to the construction site to remotely connect to the equipment.

Remote Operations Center

We set up a site for operators to work out of. This could be your office, or a site that Teleo provides, close to where operators live.

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