Vinay Shet

Co-founder and CEO

Vinay is the co-founder and CEO of Teleo. Prior to Teleo, he was the Director of Product Management at Lyft working on building Lyft's self-driving cars. Prior to Lyft, Vinay led Product Management at Google Street View, Google Maps, and Google reCAPTCHA launching several consumer products used by millions of users worldwide. Vinay has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, focusing on Computer Vision from the University of Maryland, College Park

Rom Clement

Co-founder and CTO

Rom is the co-founder and CTO of Teleo. Prior to Teleo, Rom was the Head of Hardware Engineering at Lyft directly responsible for the design, manufacturing, and operation of Lyft’s self-driving cars. Prior to Lyft, Rom spent over a decade at Google leading engineering teams that built the camera systems for the Street View cars and for Google’s plane-mounted imaging platform. Rom has a Master’s in Aerospace engineering from the University of Michigan.


Luc Vincent

President Woven Planet Level 5

Kyle Vogt

Co-Founder of Cruise Automation

Trevor Blackwell

Co-Founder of YCombinator

Brian McClendon

Co-Founder of Keyhole (Google Earth)

Manik Gupta

Ex-Chief Product Officer, Uber

Koby Soto

Co-Founder of Guesty

Kumar Chellapilla

General Manager at AWS

Ivan Kirigin

Tango VC